First off here is the link to the Retroware Youtube channel.

This is a great Channel that hosts the most amazing Series, “The Video Game Years”. They have covered  the years 1977 -1985 currently. Each year got a multipart miniseries and Its amazing all the things they cover. The series is hosted by a variety of popular Youtube Gaming hosts from other Gaming channels. They came together and give a fantastic wide ranging perspective of the events and games of each year. They all have different backgrounds in gaming, some from the console world, some arcade guys, and even some prolific game collectors.  The nice thing is because of their different perspectives and Ages, they don’t have a unified view on things, which makes it less monotonous, video after video. The Retroware channel also produce Videos covering other topics including  gaming conventions, reviews of hardware and games, and even toys and tchotchkes related to gaming. This is a good first stop in seeing the kind of things Youtube offers people with a gaming itch.

One bit of Advice, All of the hosts of “The Videogame Years”  have either separate channels or videos on Youtube. Check them out. I recommend Pat the NES punk and Game Chasers to start off with. You will love em.

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